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Prepositions after Adjectives

A brief review of Prepositions

Prepositions are these little words that make your life in English a little more difficult.

Prepositions also exist in French, they just don't always translate into the corresponding preposition in English.

These small words play a crucial role in expressing relationships in time, place, and direction

It's not easy or difficult. It just is. The exercise above is about adjectives that always go hand in hand with the same preposition. You just have to know them. Do this exercise as a way to help you learn them.  Do them on a regular basis and after a few times, you'll know them, don't worry.

Here's a list of prepositions you'll see, hear and use all the time:

In, on, under, over, between, among, through, above, below, near, around, beside, behind, for, with, without, to, from, of, by, at, about, during, since, until, across, along, before, after, within, beneath, out, inside, outside, around, underneath.

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