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Work with MOI

You’re finally taking charge of your language learning

This time, you’re in the driver’s seat, and you have a GPS (me!) that will take you exactly where you want to go. I ‘m giving you the tools, the support, and the guidance you need to feel confident about your French or your English and use it how and whenever you want.

My basic offer: discover
Neurolanguage Coaching
2 hours 

If you're curious about NeuroLanguage Coaching but not ready to commit yet.


If you want to take it on a test drive.


Or if all you want for now is to figure out your main language issues , this is what you need.

This is the complete Neurolanguage Coaching adventure. 20 hours* is a good beginning, however, we can definitely do less, or better yet, we can do more.

Neurolanguage coaching is all about serving YOUR language needs.

A  complete NeuroLanguage
Coaching Program

Blended course : E-learning and coaching

If you prefer to learn and evolve at your own pace then maybe

E-learning is the way to go and yes you can blend that with Coaching just so you don't feel lonely, for accountability and for guidance.

Conversational - Group

These workshops are designed for people who already have a knowledge of the language but feel that all they've been doing is learning and now just want to talk and practice.​

Specific Workshops

These workshops are designed to help you work on specific aspects of your communication

✓ Preparing a presentation

✓ Getting ready for a job interview

✓ Practicing before a trip

My workshops :
Customized sessions for individuals or for groups

Preparing for a language level test ?

Need to prepare for a test ?

English 360, TOEIC, Linguaskill , Pipplet Flex







We can definitely work on that!

I offer different packages depending on the test you want to prepare for and how many hours you need.


I would love to help you FEEL EXCITED ABOUT learnING, progressING, discoverING from a fresh perspective

So if you want to feel confident during a meeting, feel at ease talking with your colleagues, or share your passion with like-minded souls but don't know how to get there, I definitely can support you in reaching those goals. 

Want to find out more, contact me by filling the contact form below or

e-mail me and we can schedule a discovery call.


Want to know more about my credentials? 



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