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A bit more About MOI
and what type of training I have

By Feriel

In France I'm a ceritfied Language School (Organisme de Formation)


Certification délivrée au titre de la catégorie action de formation

TEFL Certificat of completion

When I decided to entirely change my career from Economics to Sharing my knowledge of English, I started here.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language was not enough and that's when I found out  about Language Coaching  and went through 2 courses

ILCA Foundation Course
ILCA Foundation course
NeuroLanguage Coaching
Feriel Temmar_certificate image.png
Feriel Temmar_certificate image.png

with Language coaching, I discovered a whole new world. I loved it...but that still wasn't enough, Something was still missing, and that's when I found out about NeuroLanguage Coaching

I would love to help you FEEL EXCITED ABOUT learnING, progressING, discoverING from a fresh perspective

So if you want to feel confident during a meeting, feel at ease talking with your colleagues, or share your passion with like-minded souls but don't know how to get there, I definitely can support you in reaching those goals. 

Want to find out more, contact me by filling the contact form below or

e-mail me and we can schedule a discovery call.


Intrigued but don't have the time to commit at the moment? 

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