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So...what is NeuroLanguage Coaching® ?

spoiler alert : it is not NLP

“Neurolanguage Coaching® is the efficient and fast transfer of language knowledge and skills from the Language Coach to the Language Coachee with sustainable effects facilitated by brain-based coaching and coaching principles and neuroscience.”

– Rachel Paling, Creator of Neurolanguage Coaching®


tell me more

The N(euro) 

refers to Neuroscience, to the knowledge we have of the brain and the way it learns. A lot of research has been and is actually being done on understanding how the brain learns best. I'm constantly learning about the brain and trying to stay up to date in order to help you learn in the most efficient way. That's the N

The L(anguage Learning)

refers to why you are here on my website:

  • to learn

  • to improve

  • to feel more confident

  • to overcome barriers

  • to progress

  • to discover


in a given language. The languages I can best help you with are French and English. That's the L

The C(oaching)

A neurolanguage Coach is certified by a training course that the International Coach Federation accredits. Hence, during our sessions, I will be applying the coaching ethics and standards, competences, coaching models, goal and action-setting, to the language learning process.As a neurolanguage coach, I will bring an awareness about the brain into the learning process. I will always aim to learn more about the brain and share this “brain-based” information with you, the learner, whenever needed.

i really like the sound of that FerieL

i'd like to know more about what happens during our sessions 

Well, during our sessions together, I'll be helping you learn the language one step at a time by

  • recognizing social and emotional pain, fear, and anxiety of speaking foreign languages and expertly coaching you around those triggers if needed.

  • delivering constant brain-friendly coaching conversations through the awareness of how the “fight or flight” state may be triggered when learning a language. 

  • transforming grammar into interesting, live, interactive, authentic, and personal conversations, which will constantly lead you to “aha” moments.

  • helping you connect with your inner motivation and keeping you motivated throughout the learning process.

  • encouraging you to really become an independent learner and tap into your own learning resources so you can achieve a faster and more effective learning process.

  • highlighting the importance of connecting your native to your target language wherever possible and “disconnecting” wherever there are false friends; making you aware of bridges between the language you are learning and your native language, thus enhancing memory retention and creating new neural networks.

  • staying fully conscious of the cost-effectiveness of the process and getting you to take ownership and responsibility for the learning so that there is a constant connection to results and goal achievement and a continuous review of progress.

What's the difference between Language Teaching and Neurolanguage Coaching ® ?

In the traditional setup, you're usually sitting back and taking it all in. But with Neurolanguage Coaching®, you're front and center, taking charge of your learning journey. It's all about feeling like you own it, and that sense of ownership ramps up your motivation and commitment.

Now, traditional language teaching can be a bit bossy and strict. On the other hand, language coaching is like a chill, flexible chat where we're on the same level. No strict rules or mandatory textbooks—just easy, breezy conversations that help you use what you learn right away.

Forget the old-school reliance on books. Language coaching is like a customized experience, adapting to what you need. Maybe we'll toss in a bit of specific material or refer to a book if it helps, but it's all about what suits you best.

In the teaching world, the teacher is the expert, in language coaching, we're equals. I'm here with all my quirks and limitations, no secrets. I'm not in the driver's seat, you are. I'm the GOS though, making sure we get to your destination.

We're not just about the language; we're about your experience. Language Coaching is all about tailoring things to fit you, considering your social and cultural vibes. It's like having a language coach that's your personal cheerleader.

Last but not least, Neurolanguage Coaching introduces a code of ethics, ideal for the corporate world, fostering trust, intimacy, and confidentiality in sessions.

So, want to go for a ride?

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