So...what is NeuroLanguage Coaching? 
spoiler alert : it is not NLP

A neurolanguage Coach is certified by a training course that the International Coach Federation accredits. Hence, during our sessions, I will be applying the coaching ethics and standards, competences, coaching models, goal and action-setting, to the language learning process.

As a neurolanguage coach, I will bring an awareness about the brain into the learning process. I will always aim to learn more about the brain and share this “brain-based” information with you, the learner, whenever needed.

That’s great Feriel,
but I need to KNOW more 

Well, during our sessions together, I'll be helping you learn the language one step at a time by

  • recognizing social and emotional pain, fear, and anxiety of speaking foreign languages and expertly coaching you around those triggers if needed.

  • delivering constant brain-friendly coaching conversations through the awareness of how the “fight or flight” state may be triggered when learning a language. 

  • transforming grammar into interesting, live, interactive, authentic, and personal conversations, which will constantly lead you to “aha” moments.

  • helping you connect with your inner motivation and keeping you motivated throughout the learning process.

  • encouraging you to really become an independent learner and tap into your own learning resources so you can achieve a faster and more effective learning process.

  • highlighting the importance of connecting your native to your target language wherever possible and “disconnecting” wherever there are false friends; making you aware of bridges between the language you are learning and your native language, thus enhancing memory retention and creating new neural networks.

  • staying fully conscious of the cost-effectiveness of the process and getting you to take ownership and responsibility for the learning so that there is a constant connection to results and goal achievement and a continuous review of progress.

The 7 strengths of Neurolanguage coaching

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