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12 very useful things to know about Learning

Day 1 : Neuroplasticity

The brain possesses the remarkable capacity to reorganize pathways, create new connections, and, in some cases, even create new neurons—a concept called neuroplasticity, or brain plasticity.
Day 2 :Neural pathways

Everytime you learn something new, you  create a new "path" in your brain. As you strengthen this "new" knowledge, you turn the path into an expressway .
Day 3 : Social pain is pain

The stress and embarrassement you might feel when you have to speak a 2nd or 3rd language is real  :  the brain makes no difference between social and physical pain.
Day 4 : Enjoy it!

Whatever your preferred way of learning, enjoy it. By enjoying yourself, you release hormones that make you feel good and motivate you. Learning becomes something you look forward to. 
Day 5 : Goals

Set  goals for your language learning.  realistic, measurable and time bound goals. Why? to know where you're headed, to measure your progress, to put some order in your learning process
Day 6 : Chunking 

You usually don't eat a big cake in one bite. You eat it bite after bite. That's what chunking is all about : bite size, digestible learning
Day 7 : Spacing technique
(the opposite of what we did in school!)

Spacing is incredibly effective for longtime learning . Short spaced-out sessions on a regular basis. If you've played around with language learning apps, that's what you've done. 
Day 8 : Storytelling

Increases all your happy hormones, which in turn have a positive impact on your focus, your motivation and your memory
Day 9 : Learning begins with what you already know.

You've been growing your knowledge of a language for longer than you think.
Associating, comparing, contrasting new information we're learning to related information that we already know is where it all starts.
Growing Plants

click on image to read about it 

Day 10 : Connect new information to your own real life. 

Learning has to be connected to present real life situations. You get a chance to test, succeed or fail, analyze, try again in context.
Day 11 : Accountability
Day 12 : Consistency is key

The 11 previous points I've shared with you all converge to one thing : keeping you consistent in what you learn and how you learn it. And to stick with it and have the best results you've ever had.
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