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Could? Should? Would? Might? Must?

Make up your mind!

Modals : could, should, would 


How to use Could (pourrais) 

Could is placed in front of a verb. It is a conditional form of “can” – it is used when there is a possibility or an option. 

  • "We could go to the movies tonight; the last Star Wars is out." 

  • "They could meet us at 8 am and then we could go together." 


How to use Should (devrais) 

Should is placed in front of a verb and is used when giving advice or making a recommendation.  

  • "I think you should listen to English every day." 

  • "you should take your umbrella in case it starts raining again." 


How to use Would

Would is placed in front of a verb to indicate that this verb is conditional – this is very similar to WILL which makes the verb into a future.  

  • "David would be so happy if he understood everything in English." 

  • "I would love for French to become the international language instead of English" 

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