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TO or FOR ?

Which one to use and when?

How do you know which one to use when both translate to "POUR"?

Note : You can never say “FOR TO” – I went to the bakery for to buy bread ☹

How to use For

For is used before a noun, pronoun or a gerund (verb+ ING)

  • It’s difficult for me to understand English.

  • This is for Virginie, for him, for her, for the neighbor, for my friend.

  • Chopsticks are convenient for eating noodles.

How to use To

To is used before a verb

  • It’s difficult to understand English sometimes.

  • This is to help Mike.

  • Chopsticks are convenient to eat noodles.

Keep in mind that 

  • To is a preposition that also means “à” and “de”

  • To is used for the infinitive of verbs

  • Some verbs are almost always used with To – to give to, to go to, to listen to

  • To is used in a few phrasal verbs  – to have to, to be used to, to get used to, to look forward to

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