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Never and Ever



Example Context

Example Sentence

EVER (jamais)

Refers to any time; used in questions, negations, and affirmations to emphasize any time at all.


Let me know if you EVER need some help with your English. ("dis moi si jamais tu as besoin de...")




Have you ever thought about looking for a new job? ("tu as déjà pensé à chercher" OU en vieux français: "as-tu jamais pensé à chercher")


 Used when you want to emphasize the negation. NOT EVER is "stronger" than NEVER


Don’t ever say that your English is not good enough. Say that it’s not good enough yet!

NEVER (= NOT EVER) (ne jamais)

Negates any time occurrence; emphasizes total absence across all time periods.


I have never been to France.




Never underestimate the power of a kind word.




Never tell lies.


 Used when you're very surprised about something (incrédulité)


Have you never been late to work?

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