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Newsletter 20 - Music

the C in NeuroLanguage Coaching®

"In the symphony of life, you are the composer, conductor, and soloist. Let music be your faithful companion as you write your own unique score."

In this newsletter series, I’ve been exploring various aspects of music and how it can enrich our lives. So far, I’ve covered topics such as:

In this newsletter, I want to talk about how you can use music to “coach” yourself. Music can help you cope with stress and can motivate you, inspire you, and boost your confidence. Let’s find out how.

Music's Deep Connection to Humanity

"Around 4.4 million years ago, an Australopithecine named "Ardi" began standing on her legs and walking, marking a crucial moment in human evolution. Since then, the rhythmic pattern of walking has deeply influenced human music. Beyond mere coincidence, the act of taking those first steps set humanity on a trajectory that forged connections between the brain, muscular activity, and the creation of sound." ("Music’s power over your brain” explained by Michael Spitzer - you can see the video here)

Singing (music+language)

  • Physical benefits:

    • Stress relief: Singing reduces cortisol levels, indicating lower stress.

    • Immune response: boosts the immune system, increasing immunoglobulin A levels.

    • Pain threshold: group singing raises endorphins, increasing pain tolerance.

    • Snoring: regular singing may reduce snoring !

    • Lung function: improves breathing and muscle control in respiratory conditions.

  • Language learning (you can read more about it here)

    • Pronunciation and accent: singing encourages learners to mimic the singer’s articulation and intonation.

    • Motivation and enjoyment: singing makes learning fun and who says “no” to fun?

The Healing Power of Music (with or without singing!)

Music is deeply connected to our emotions. It can uplift us when we’re down, soothe us when we’re anxious, and comfort us when we’re upset. By understanding the emotional impact of different types of music, we can coach ourselves to better manage our emotional states. Whether you're going through tough times or simply seeking inner peace, here are some ways to use music as your self-coaching companion:

  • Emotional release: allow yourself to feel your emotions fully by selecting music that mirrors your feelings. Let the music be a channel for emotional release and self-expression.

  • Mindfulness and meditation: use music as a gateway to mindfulness and meditation. Choose serene instrumental music or nature sounds to guide your meditation practice. The melodies can help you find inner peace and clarity of mind.

  • Stress reduction: When you feel overwhelmed, turn to calming melodies or music you love. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and let the music transport you to a place of tranquility.

  • Mood transformation: music can be a powerful mood-shifter. When you're feeling down, try music that you know makes you happy, something uplifting and joyful. Conversely, when you're overly excited or anxious, calming melodies can help you find balance - or heavy metal song with a punching bag?

If I had to name one song as my own personal Soundtrack, it's "I am what I am" by Gloria Gaynor (click here to see the video and read the lyrics). When I'm a little down, or in the midst of doubts and questions concerning my life choices - as it happens to all of us sometimes - this song always makes me feel better. Try it now!

What song is your personal soundtrack?


2 more things!

Practical Tips for Music-Based Self-Coaching

  • Creating playlists for different moods and activities.

  • Engaging in active listening for enhanced benefits.

  • Incorporating music into everyday activities: enjoy music during a drive, sing in the shower, or create musical memories with your kids.

  • Engaging in community singing: participate in music festivals, local choirs, or singing groups to connect with others.

  • Enhancing your singing skills: consider lessons with a singing instructor or utilize free online resources for self-improvement.

  • Exploring music therapy with a professional

  • Visualizing with music: combine visualization techniques with music. For example, close your eyes and imagine yourself achieving your goals while listening to uplifting tunes. Let the music fuel your imagination and motivation.

Speaking of which…

Spotlight: Jeena Earthiva and the Conscious Music Code

Jeena Earthiva is a transformational coach, a producer, an ex-Bollywood singer, and the founder of Conscious Music Code a unique music-based coaching technique that helps people reprogram their subconscious mind and achieve their goals. Conscious Music Code is based on the idea that the effect music has on you doesn’t just depend on the music but also on what or how you associate with it. Jeena takes you on musical mind-journeys to immediately shift your state of mind. Usually in 5-6mins. This opens up the possibility for deeper transformation involving the body, mind & the senses. The process is engaging and activating using musical layers to recode the layers of thoughts & emotions within. I tried it and loved it. Try it: Conscious Music Code

Want to find out more?

On Android you can try Lyricstraining to have fun learning languages through music.

On the Apple Store there’s Lirica and Univoice, but I haven’t tried them.

If you're curious about my sources or want to know more about the neuroscience of music, you should click here

And if you want to go back on my past newsletters that cover all kinds of brain related, language related, coaching related fascinating subjects, I suggest you go to my newsletters webpage

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Neurolanguage Coaching® is an amazing method that will help you learn a language more efficiently than you've ever experienced before. It brings together findings about how the brain learns bests and integrates these into a coaching process that will put you in charge of YOUR learning journey. As a Coach, I'm  the GPS to your driving. If you want to try it but are not ready to commit, I have a 2H Discovery Offer that might be just what you're looking for. Or we can just have a casual chat about it, just reply to this email.

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