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Newsletter 20 

Links and Ressources about Music and the brain

Music also activates pathways within the limbic system.

The limbic system is buried beneath the surface of the brain; it's involved in learning and memory and also our emotional responses. Music also activates a reward center buried deep in our brain, a reward center that is also stimulated by other pleasurable activities, like eating chocolate or having sex - not necessarily in that order.

The rhythmic pattern of walking has deeply influenced human music. 

Beyond mere coincidence, the act of taking those first steps set humanity on a trajectory that forged connections between the brain, muscular activity, and the creation of sound.

Music is so much more than notes on a page... 

" can change the way we think and speak and feel but is there a limit to what science can tell us about music?  Just when we discover the answer to one thing five new questions pop up that are more interesting."

And here are some more videos I found fascinating

(there's a lot more, I had to make a choice)

And super interesting articles

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