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Newsletter 19 - Goals

the C in NeuroLanguage Coaching®

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!"

 — Audrey Hepburn

It's been over a year since I started writing my newsletters, each one exploring a chosen subject from three distinct perspectives: Neuroscience, Language Learning, and Coaching—the N, L, and C in NeuroLanguage Coaching, respectively.

Depending on the topic, some perspectives prove easier to explore than others. Today's topic has been particularly challenging, as I aimed to share something of real value with you.

So be warned :

I’m a language coach so everything I write in this newsletter will sound like an advertisement for my services :-)

It’s not!

While underscoring how beneficial I can be to your language learning journey might serve my interests, I genuinely believe that working with a language coach, especially one with a focus on brain-based coaching, can really be a game-changer.


Because I’m a language learner too, I’m writing today as a Coachee, not a Coach. I have 2 concrete examples:

Greek : I gave myself a goal that checked all the boxes of all the goal setting models and yet, on my own, I struggled to stay on track alone - you can read about it here: How I'm learning Greek - Πώς μαθαίνω ελληνικά

Spanish : after improving as much as I could on my own, I eventually had to turn to a coach, I couldn’t go any further without the support - you can read about it here Spanish and I : a match made in heaven

Is it necessarily true for everyone?

No two brains are alike! Everyone is different. Some people excel in working independently, progressing in their studies and endeavors without external accountability. They don’t seem to be the majority though :-)

How about you?

You could start by thinking about your language dream. Your vision for yourself. Are you sitting on a bench in Central Park chatting with this person who sat there, and you started talking with them in English, no problem?

Are you in a café in Paris and asking details about the different offers on the menu in French and understanding the answers?

Now take that dream, go back to this newsletter GOALS - Part 2 - the L in NeuroLanguage Coaching® and shape your dream so that it checks all the boxes.

Or use one of the models I summarize here Goal setting and use it to shape your vision into a goal.

Once you have a goal:

  • either you can work on your own and take the necessary steps to reach your goal - to make your dream into a reality.

  • or you can contact me - for French or English - or another Neurolanguage Coach - ask me for recommendations - for other languages.

What did coaching do for me and could do for you?

To me, the perfect analogy is a GPS. You’re setting on a journey and in comes the GPS to take you to your final destination as efficiently as possible.

A coach guides you through the intricate pathways of your aspirations, offering insights, motivation, strategic direction and accountability.

I believe that goal setting and coaching are so closely linked because the coach can offer a consistent way for you to

  • Stay accountable and motivated

  • Help identify and leverage your strengths

  • Overcome your limiting believes

  • Figure out how to build new habits

  • Cultivate a growth mindset :-)

And with that dear reader, I wish you the most peaceful holiday season possible, hoping that this little lull in your life will do you a world of good.

See you in 2024!

Want to find out more?

If you're curious about my sources or want to know more about goal setting, you should click here

And if you want to go back on my past newsletters that cover all kinds of brain related, language related, coaching related fascinating subjects, I suggest you go to my newsletters webpage

If you know anyone who'd be interested in signing up for my newsletter, don't hesitate to forward this newsletter to them :-)

Neurolanguage Coaching® is an amazing method that will help you learn a language more efficiently than you've ever experienced before. It brings together findings about how the brain learns bests and integrates these into a coaching process that will put you in charge of YOUR learning journey. As a Coach, I'm  the GPS to your driving. If you want to try it but are not ready to commit, I have a 2H Discovery Offer that might be just what you're looking for. Or we can just have a casual chat about it, just reply to this email.

Good to know

The Neurolanguage Coaching® certification is accredited by the ICF

 La certification est accreditée par la Fédération Internationale de Coaching

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