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Feriel the Language Coach
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A New Language Is Within Reach

Neurolanguage Coaching ©

with Feriel

Your Language Coach

I'm Feriel, the GPS to your navigating the language learning waters.

I would love to help you learn, progress, discover English or French from a new perspective. Together we will work as a team to reach your language learning goals in the most pleasant and efficient way.

​I’ve been training learners in the English and French languages for over 10 years. 

Over the past few years I’ve evolved from being a “teacher” to “trainer”. Today, after a lot of training I can confidently say that I am a Language coach and more precisely a Neurolanguage Coach®. 

I’m a language learner myself. I’m always in the process of learning a language and I really believe that with the right coach, anyone can do it.

Language coach working remotely

What I Can Help You With

Speak Français

Personalized Learning Plan

Self Learning

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"Before starting to work with Feriel I was quite lost on my language learning journey. However, Feriel has helped me identify and focus on achievable goals. Since starting our work together, I have so much confidence and can express myself in situations where once I wouldn't have been able to manage. Our work has opened up so many possibilities, not least, mastering a new language".

- Niall

"Antes de tener mi plan de coach con Feriel, me encontraba estancada con el uso de mi francés. Ya había estudiado por muchos años y con diferentes profesores, pero estaba muy bloqueada con los usos formales de un idioma y por ello no podía expresarme de manera espontánea. Mi experiencia con el plan personalizado de Feriel me ha ayudado a identificar mis debilidades y fortalezas, además de tener claros los pasos para alcanzar mis objetivos.
Ahora estoy muy contenta de tener una dirección más precisa para avanzar y poner en práctica mi idioma meta."

- Diana

“Feriel is full of benevolence and she has the hand to come and take you and make you improve your speaking skills. She gives confidence and has the ability to strengthen your communication empowerment. All that and more with kindness and a never-ending smile.”

- Luciane

Instagram @ferielisalanguagecoach

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