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Links I recommend
On this page you will find everything you need for our time together: study resources, listening and reading ideas, series, specific articles or videos,  as well as sites to help with your pronunciation.

I will be adding to it as we move along.

Enjoy !

By Feriel

Curious about your English level, here are some Level Tests you could try

If you like to do gramar exercises , here's a carefully selected list.

If you prefer to learn gramar through videos, here are some great sites


Watching videos on many different topics to help improve your listening comprehension

Specifically for English learners​


Listening to "real" English

  • Podcast ideas (coming soon)

Listening without videos is a bit more challenging . It's something great to do when you can't watch a screen

Watching and listening to English is great, but how about reading? Reading is wonderful for vocabulary

Not sure how to pronounce words?
Try these websites, they are amazing

  • Dhar Man : short stand-alone episodes with a moral good to hear everyday English in small doses

  • App to set in English :

– France 24 app

– BRUT (short videos)

  • Inside Out : a movie/cartoon about emotions (in French called: vice versa)

Some other recommendations:

- series I liked for the fact that they don't have a specific vocabulary

- Websites where you can find all types of topics to read about or to watch (that are not speficic to English learners)

- Good apps to install on your phone to get your daily dose of English


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