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How I got here? Certified Neuro Language Coach

Updated: Jan 30

To get here, I used a road possibly less traveled for teachers of the English Language - or maybe not, it seems so many of us have unusual career paths :-)

I became bilingual by chance when my parents moved to England before knowing how to read and write.

I later went on to live in other English-speaking countries. English was, in effect, my first language even if it wasn't ;-)

I initially became an economist and worked in data marketing.

After a few years, I moved to France; I needed a change; I started translating marketing material as a side job; the demand for my English grew. People were asking me to help them with their English all the time, so I started to teach. I taught children in daycare and grown-ups on the job.

To do that, I had to become a training Organisation, which I did officially.

It was time for me to get legit, so I decided to get my TEFL, which I did, online with the University of Toronto.

I felt much better about doing this and learned so much from it

I must say, though, I wish there were a diploma I could award myself. I mean, I'm self-taught extensively in the grammar of the English and French languages. I have also learned so much about human nature through my teaching. I learned what works best through trial and error. But there's no diploma for that ;-)

I'm a language nerd, so I loved all of it; I guess that's my reward.

I was now ready to become "verified" and certified as an official "Organisme de Formation" (training organization). By getting "verified," I took a big step forward in putting together an actual business process, the wisest decision ever. It helped a lot; working with the auditor made me streamline my whole process in a way I never imagined.

Little did I know that being certified would become an obligation. And six years later, I pass my audits with flying colors :-)

A couple of years ago, I needed another change, nothing as drastic as changing continents and changing careers, but a change nevertheless. I wanted to share my knowledge of the English and French languages differently, find a method that matched my own. So back to learning :-)

I discovered Language Coaching and took a couple of courses with the International Language Coaching Association...and fell in love with Language Coaching.

In fact, I liked it so much that I decided to dive deeper into it. That's when Neurolanguage coaching® came into my life. And I loved it. It was (is) on par with a lot of what I was doing,

Rachel Paling developed this learning method and defined it as "the efficient and fast transfer of language knowledge and skills from the Language Coach to the Language Coachee with sustainable effects facilitated by brain-based coaching and coaching principles and Neuroscience ."

So after a few years and months of building my skills and my business, I'm a certified Professional Neuro Language Coach® , a certified Organisme de Formation, and working on a few other things ;-)

Working in France, I also had to make my training and coaching "certifiable." All the language services I offer must be certified through a language level test that the trainees and coachees have to take.

Today I can certify English through the

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