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Newsletter 7 - Take a break

the L in NeuroLanguage Coaching®

“When’s the last time you disconnected and took a vacation?”
― Tina Hallis

Last weekend was Christmas, next weekend is New Year : there's a good chance you might be chillin' this week. You might not have taken a break per say, but hopefully things are a little slower, there's a little holiday lull going on.

As far as Language Learning, here's what taking a break might look like to you:

  • A what break? I don't need a break, I need to get back to working on it (in which case, e-mail me now!)

  • When I take a break from work, I take a break from my language learning because the only reason why I'm doing this is for work (you shouldn't see it that way, change your mindset, e-mail me now!)

  • My coach/trainer/teacher is off, so I'm on a language learning break too (what? I'm not your coach? change coaches, e-mail me now!)

  • I needed a break from everything (honestly me too!)

I'm a true believer in taking breaks from ACTIVE language learning. I think sometimes we need to give our brains the time and space it needs to process. Let things sink in.

How then, can you take a break from active learning but still be connected to the language in a PASSIVE (yet pleasant) way?

The usual suspects:

  • Continue watching your favorite series in French (for example)

  • Read a book you'd normally read in your native language (if you like to read)

  • Love watching sports? subscribe to sport channels in French

  • Love cooking? try some recipes found on a youtube channel in French

  • Discover new podcasts (or music) in French for when you're walking or running

  • Discover new podcasts (or music) in French to listen to when folding laundry, ironing, cooking or dusting ;-)

And the less usual suspects:

  • Do you practice yoga? follow a yoga teacher who teaches in French

  • Do you meditate? Do your guided meditations in the language you want (Insight timer for instance has meditations in French; or Petit Bamboo is a French meditation app)

  • Write 3 sentences every evening about 3 things you can remember about your day (try to aim for 3 positive things, so you can associate French to positive thoughts)

  • Take an empty container. Every week, make a note of something great that happened during that week and put the note in the container. Open the container 52 weeks later and look back at a pretty great summary of your French!


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