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Newsletter 16 

Links and Ressources about Biases

Understanding unconscious bias

"The unconscious mind is amazing.

It can process vastly more information than our conscious mind by using shortcuts based on our background, cultural environment, and personal experiences to make almost instantaneous decisions about everything around us.

The snag is it's wrong quite a lot of the time."

The neuroscience of unconscious bias

"Because what we hold in  our filing cabinets tied back to people's cultural often is incorrect and is riddled with bias and  it's on that basis that we're treating people."

If we're honest, we can all recognize this bias as we've all been biased this way at one time or the other in our lives:  if all goes well, it's thanks to me; if the outcome is negative, it wasn't my fault.

Can you think of an example?

If you prefer reading instead of watching a video, here are a couple of very interesting (and easy to read) articles on the subject.

Heuristics: Definition, Examples, and How They Work (

8 powerful ways to overcome thinking errors and cognitive biases - Cognition Today

What Neuroimaging Can Tell Us about Our Unconscious Biases - Scientific American Blog Network

There's so much out there, this is just a sneakpeak in the world of "what are biases".

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