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Newsletter 4

Links and Ressources - the L Negativity bias

"The negativity bias is a cognitive bias that results in adverse events having a more significant impact on our psychological state than positive events. Negativity bias occurs even when adverse events and positive events are of the same magnitude, meaning we feel negative events more intensely."

(definition above taken from Negativity Bias - The Decision Lab)

While knowing about the negativity bias is great, having some suggestions about how to counter it is even better.

- be mindful

- HEAL method

- Reframing

and I would add, ending your day with a recap of at least 3 postives (things that went well)

So next time you think you had a really bad day, remember, maybe you didn't, maybe you only retain the bad parts of your day.

If you prefer reading rather than watching videos, here's a great link I recommend 

What Is The Negativity Bias and How Can it be Overcome? (

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