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Newsletter 13

Links and Ressources about Laughter

Why do humans laugh?

  • We laugh to show that we agree with what someone said.

  • That we remember the same thing that they're alluding to.

  • People will also use laughter to try and mask other emotions.

  • People will laugh to try and pretend they're not upset

  • or to cover up being angry or embarrassed or in pain.

  • People will use laughter to get other people to do things.

  • If you get someone laughing, they will tell you more intimate details about themselves.

The science of laughter

"A study by the University of Maryland linked laughter to the healthy function of blood vessels that could lower the chance of a heart attack

laughter boosts your heart rate and increases the production of antibodies that strengthen your immune system"

in correlation with these changes in behavior.

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