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Newsletter 18 

Links and Ressources about "Breathe - The N"

Nervous system = CNS + PNS

  • PNS  = Somatic Nervous system (voluntary movement) + Autonomic Nervous system (involuntary control of automatic processes )

  • ANS = Sympathetic (increases energy) + Parasympathetic (conserves energy)

  • Sympathetic nervous system : increases heart rate, blood pressure, sweat glands - Fight or Flight

  • Parasympathetic : increases digestion, salivation, decreases heart rate - Rest and Digest

You can override your ANS with breathing

"water breathing" : your go to breathing - 4 to 6 breath per minute 

"whisky breathing" : use it to relax and fall asleep - inhale 4 exhale 8 -

"coffee breathing": stimulates sympathetic nervous system - focus on exhale (breath of fire) 

"Making simple adjustments to your breathing patterns 

throughout the day (...) can yield a transformative impact. Initially, this may sound implausible and overly straightforward, but after delving into years of scientific research and engaging with numerous individuals (...) it becomes evident. "

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