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Links and Ressources about Neuroplasticity

(otherwise known as : yes you can learn a new language at any age and it's actually good for your brain)

The brain possesses the remarkable capacity to reorganize pathways, create new connections, and, in some cases, even create new neurons—a concept called neuroplasticity, or brain plasticity.

"Learning and new experiences cause new neural pathways to strengthen whereas neural pathways which are used infrequently become weak and eventually die."

source : Brain Plasticity (Neuroplasticity) | Simply Psychology

Neuroplasticity,  is the ability of neural networks in the brain to change through growth and reorganization. It is when the brain is rewired to function in some way that differs from how it previously functioned.These changes range from individual neuron pathways making new connections, to systematic adjustments like cortical remapping.

Neuroplasticity was once thought by neuroscientists to manifest only during childhood, but research in the latter half of the 20th century showed that many aspects of the brain can be altered (or are "plastic") even through adulthood.

source: Neuroplasticity - Wikipedia

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