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Newsletter 2

Links and Ressources - the N Fight - Flight - Freeze

Here are a few basic things that are good to know about the brain. Why, you ask? Because as a neurolanguage coach, I will refer to some of these things to help you navigate the waters during your language learning journey.

And if we're not on a journey together, it's good to know whats happening in that brain of yours don't you think ;-)

Understanding what's happening in your brain when you feel too nervous to speak in a language that you don't entirely master can actually help you overcome that mental block .

Your body under stress (otherwise known as fear), doesn't make the difference between a tiger coming at you and having to talk in a foreign language during a business meeting.

Your brain is busy protecting you, not helping you remember the word for "I agree"or "I disagree".

Working with a neurolanguage coach, can help a lot with the "I get so nervous speaking French/English in front of other people" syndrome  because we take all this knowledge about the brain in consideration and work on calming your brain. How? by having specific goals and actions, by breaking down a huge task (learning a whole language) into bite size pieces, and many other things (can't reveal all my secrets here ;-).

But until you work with me on all those issues, maybe you could just take the time to breathe.

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