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Newsletter 18 

Links and Ressources about "Breathe - The L"

Can you hear the rhythm of words in English?

So, before even talking about pronunciation, I think that if you understand the rhythm, or the rhythmic patterns of a word, it would help you so much in pronouncing the words clearly without putting in a lot of thought or effort.

For the specific subject I mention in my newsletter, start at about minute 2

"This is the complete opposite to French, where generally every syllable is pronounced and the time taken to pronounce every syllable is approximately the same. And this is why many of you have problems with spoken English."

You can override your ANS with breathing

"water breathing" : your go to breathing - 4 to 6 breath per minute 

"whisky breathing" : use it to relax and fall asleep - inhale 4 exhale 8 -

"coffee breathing": stimulates sympathetic nervous system - focus on exhale (breath of fire) 

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