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Brain Basics Made Simple: 

Watch and Learn

There's no deadline as to when your brain stops learning.

You are constantly making new connections between neurons. A part of your brain even creates new neurons.

That's called Neuroplasticity. 

pour la video en français, cliquer ici

Watch this and understand why you freeze sometimes when you have to speak in English.

There's nothing strange about it. It's your brain doing what it needs to protect you from danger (you just have to tell it it's not really in danger)

Pour une explication en français cliquez ici 

If you want to hear a different explanation you can see another video here

Understanding how your brain works has the huge advantage of making you more patient when learning and not be so hard on yourself.

Learning is about making a pathway into an expressway. It happens, just not over night.

For a more "neuroscienctific" explanation, here's another amazing video about how the brian learns :  How We Learn - Synapses and Neural Pathways - YouTube

There are so many amazing videos out are a few more in case you're as fascinated by the subject as I am (I add more links here as I find more videos I want to share):

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