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Newsletter 5

Links and Ressources - the C The map is not the territory

"The map is not the territory is a concept developed by noted mathematician Alfred Korzybski. Korzybski developed the concept to explain the fact that belief is different from reality. In other words, our perception of the world could be different from the real world. While it might sound too obvious, a surprisingly large number of people tend to confuse their beliefs with reality."

The videos and articles I share here mostly come from the world of NLP (which has nothing to do with Neurolanguage Coaching). I just couldn't find a clear explanation that wasn't in some way linked to NLP

I'm not sure why the quote is more often associated with NLP (Alfred Korzybski wasn't, he came way before) as it is applicable to everyone and everything.

Being aware of the fact that "the map is not the territory" and realizing that you most certainly have your own map which is different from that of the person you are talking too, can help tremendously in being less judgemental towards others but also towards yourself.

(I mean, imagine you're walking with a map on your phone that isn't the same map as the person walking next to you, how confusing is that?)

As a language learner, you have probably more than once believed that you sounded dumb or that people were making fun of you. It is most likely that none of it is true in absolute terms. It's YOUR truth and you might want to reconsider those stories ;-)

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