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Bilingual news and shares about the brain, languages and coaching

Newsletter 9 - Back to Basics

the C in NeuroLanguage Coaching®

"Good coaches believe that the individual always has the answer to their own problems but understands that they may need help to find the answer - Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance."  

  • Part 1 was the N : Neuroscience, a quick overview of the brain

  • Part 2 was the L : Language learning - 2 important aspects of the brain that are very good to know when learning a language

  • Part 3 is the C : Coaching 

What is Coaching ?

The ICF (International Coaching Federation) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.

The essence of coaching is:

  • To help a person change in the way they wish and help them go in the direction they want to go

  • To support a person at every level in becoming who they want to be

  • To build awareness, empower choice and lead to change

You as a coachee (person being coached), always have the answer to your own problems. The Coach is simply there to help you find the answer. I like to say that I'm the GPS to your driving.

And remember this: Coaching is there to help you learn rather than teach you. 

What is Language Coaching ?

As a language coach, I'm here to help you adopt a more present mindset, reduce fear become awareIn Language Coaching the coach is there to help you learn and understand how you learn best.

I'm not there to teach you a language but rather to help you learn the language; to help you find out and put in place THE BEST WAY for YOU to learn.

Language coaching is not about telling you what to do and how to do it, but about empowering you to discover your own solutions and to take ownership of your language learning. of how you learn and increase confidence.

As a language coach, I'm here to help you adopt a more present mindset, reduce fear become aware of how you learn and increase confidence.

What is Neurolanguage Coaching®? 

Neurolanguage Coaching uses brain-based coaching as a coaching approach and applies it to Language Learning.

By understanding how the brain processes information, regulates emotions, and creates habits, you can develop new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving that support your goals.

As I try to explain and share with you in my newsletters, the brain is a highly dynamic and adaptable organ that changes throughout your life. Neuroscience-based coaching dismantles self-limiting beliefs, doubts, anxieties, perspectives, and biases to form positive habits, thoughts, perspectives, and actions. 

In Neurolanguage coaching we work together to create fresh and new neuropathways, productive ones, leading to lasting and beneficial impacts.

Neurolanguage Coaching typically involves several key principles, such as:

  • Creating a safe and positive environment that supports learning and growth.

  • Encouraging you to reflect on your thinking patterns, emotions, and behaviors in order to gain insight into what motivates you and what holds you back.

  • Helping you set specific, achievable goals that are aligned with your values and aspirations.

  • Figuring out way to implement actions and solution to meet these goals in your everday life.

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Neurolanguage Coaching® is an amazing method that will help you learn a language more efficiently than you've ever experienced before. It brings together findings about how the brain learns bests and integrates these into a coaching process that will put you in charge of YOUR learning journey. As a Coach, I'm  the GPS to your driving. If you want to try it but are not ready to commit, I have a 2H Discovery Offer that might be just what you're looking for. Or we can just have a casual chat about it, just reply to this email.

Good to know

The Neurolanguage Coaching® certification is accredited by the ICF

 La certification est accreditée par la Fédération Internationale de Coaching

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