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Newsletter 13 - Laughter

the C in NeuroLanguage Coaching®

“Laughter is the shortest distance between 2 people.”― Victor Borge

If you didn't get a chance to read my 2 previous newsletters, let me sum it up real fast :-)

Laughter can:

  • Release stress and tension

  • Enhance your creativity and problem-solving skills

  • Strengthen your relationships

  • Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Aid in memory retention

So why would you need a Coach for anything when you have laughter readily available?

And we are: coaches everywhere for everything. Actually, in researching for this newsletter, I found out there were laughter coaches...that's how far we've come.

So, yes, it seems we forget to laugh. Why?

  • We're stressed and anxious and it can be hard to laugh when you're feeling overwhelmed. We also might not feel like laughing because sad things happen sometimes in our lives.

  • We don’t find things funny. Afterall, humor is subjective and personal.

  • We might be afraid of being judged. Some people hold back their laughter because they think it looks dumb, childish, or unprofessional.

  • We don’t have enough opportunities to laugh. We get caught up in our lives, don't make the time to see our family and friends and miss out on those opportunities to laugh.

But I think the main reason we don't laugh as much as we should/could is that

we don't know how good laughing is for us on so many levels.

Laughter is a frequent and welcome guest in my coaching sessions. It creates a more fun and relaxed atmosphere, it links the language with positive emotions, and it helps to remember some mistakes in a humorous way. I love my job!

As a coach, I also help you reframe things in a more positive light, help you cope with the stress associated with language speaking, help you acquire new habits you feel good about, and more. All of this makes you enjoy learning a language again in case you've forgotten it could be a pleasure. If you're more relaxed about your language learning, you'll be in a better mood, enjoy yourself more, laugh more and therefore learn more.

Here's my gift to you today : click on the link below, you'll learn something and enjoy it. (Disclaimer: I can't promise all my sessions are like that).

You can't necessarily make yourself laugh on demand but we can explore options. Contact me!

If you're curious about my sources or want to know more about laughter you should click here

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Neurolanguage Coaching® is an amazing method that will help you learn a language more efficiently than you've ever experienced before. It brings together findings about how the brain learns bests and integrates these into a coaching process that will put you in charge of YOUR learning journey. As a Coach, I'm  the GPS to your driving. If you want to try it but are not ready to commit, I have a 2H Discovery Offer that might be just what you're looking for. Or we can just have a casual chat about it, just reply to this email.

Good to know

The Neurolanguage Coaching® certification is accredited by the ICF

 La certification est accreditée par la Fédération Internationale de Coaching

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