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The NEURO in Neurolanguage Coaching® 

8 - Social pain

Social Pain is Pain. When someone hurts your feelings, you are litterally hurting and it shows in your brain.

"the same pain region that registers distress of physical pain are active when we experience social pain."

It's an 8 minute video, and it's really worth your time

"This animation reflects on the workplace being one of the most common social environments the brain is exposed to and invites you to consider how your brain may be responding to social cues at work, or how you may be influencing your coworkers' brain responses by what you say or do".

If you prefer reading about social pain: 

Short and to the point

"Like physical pain, the function of social pain is to alert us to threats to our social well-being. "

What is Social Pain and Why It's More Common Than Ever 

How to cope with social pain

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