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The NEURO in Neurolanguage Coaching® 

9 - Back to basics

The limbic system in 2 minutes!

  • amygdala  (almond in Greek) : fear and anxiety, emotional response, long-term memory, decision making

  • hippocampus (sea horse) : formation of memories (short term memories into longterm memories)

  • mamillary bodies : connected to both. Closely involved with process of memory

  • septal nuclei : pleasure, reward, motivation  (eating; making love; earning money, addictive drugs) have direct effect on it

  • cingulate cortex : seems to play large role in error recognition (misspelled word to moral wrong) 

The Central nervous system

he brain is made of 3 parts:


  • the cerebrum

  • the cerebellum 

  • the medula oblongata


The cerebrum is made up of 2 hemispheres, each made up of 4 parts


  • the frontal lobe

  • the temporal lobe

  • the parietal lobe

  • the occipital lobe

Absolutely amazing explanation of the brain. If you watch 1, watch this one.

To (super) simplify : 3 "layrs" of the brain

Reptilian brain - regulates the body : blood glucose levels,  body temperature

Limbic system - emotional (mamals) : fear, arousal,anxiety, sexual longing

Cortex - decision center : impulse control, long term planning, emotional regulation 

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