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Newsletter 2

Links and Ressources - the L RUN

Imagine that....645 meanings for one word. 
By knowing this, if you're not a native English speaker, you now know someting about the language most of us are absolutely not aware of !

  • Run across

  • Run after

  • Run away

  • Run down

  • Run into

  • Run out of

  • Run over

  • Run through

  • Run up

  • Run with

Eager to turn his life around, Jack decided it was time to run with his innovative idea, despite having run out of both luck and resources in the past. He ran into obstacle after obstacle, yet he never let his spirit run low, believing that every failure was simply a trial run for success. As he ran his daily operations, meticulously planning each step, he also ran a tight ship, ensuring that every task was executed with precision. His relentless drive didn't run unnoticed; investors who had initially run away from his proposals began to show interest. Finally, when it seemed like time was running out, a major partnership ran his way, proving that persistence could indeed turn the tide. With his startup now running smoothly and growing rapidly, Jack often reflected on his journey, grateful for the run of bad luck that taught him resilience, proving that sometimes, you have to run through the storm to see the sun.

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